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Renault Talisman Recalls

You can find all of the recall notices concerning the Renault Talisman listed below, showing the most recently announced first and then sorted by year underneath.

Most Recent Recalls

These are the 3 most recently announced recall notices for the Renault Talisman.


Warning Icon2020-08-28 (RAPEX ID: A12/01170/20)

The fuel line may be damaged. As a result, fuel may leak onto the road, posing a risk to the following traffic. Furthermore, fuel leakage on hot parts of the exhaust system will increase the risk of the vehicle...

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Warning Icon2019-11-29 (RAPEX ID: A12/1791/19)

This may result in an increased risk of fire. The NOx sensors may not be properly tightened.

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Warning Icon2017-06-16 (RAPEX ID: A12/0815/17)

The brake caliper/brake disk combination may be inadequate. As a consequence, the inadequate friction surface between the brake disk and the brake could affect the brake efficiency and balance with a possibility...

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Talisman Recalls By Year

You can find the recalls for the Talisman ranging from the year 2015 through to 2019.

Calendar Icon 2019

We have 2 recall notices that are relevant to the 2019 Renault Talisman.

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Calendar Icon 2018

We have 2 recall notices that are relevant to the 2018 Renault Talisman.

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Calendar Icon 2016

We have 8 recall notices that are relevant to the 2016 Renault Talisman.

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Calendar Icon 2015

We have 2 recall notices that are relevant to the 2015 Renault Talisman.

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